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July 2015


One of our favorite things will always be the Gas Station Rendezvous – that fateful meeting of cool cars and their owners at a refueling station. Somewhere between Memphis and Birmingham we encountered Mark Fisher and his cronies at just such an event. This group of guys from Minford, OH

Lisa and Larry Whitehead wandered up to The Bus in Baton Rouge and we hit it off immediately. Larry is thoughtful and reserved; Lisa’s bubbly and attentive personality makes you feel like you’ve been friends with her forever. The couple is part of a car club called Gearheads of Buda,

Our last official day brought rain as we traveled to Baton Rouge. Waiting out the storm in the Kangaroo across the street from the Lamar Dixon Expo Center, we discovered a rather tasty hot dog bar. Not only that, but a full frozen yogurt bar with all sorts of toppings!

This was our favorite day. By Day 3 we were in the groove and ready to hit the road in the morning. From unexpected thrift stores to a beautiful venue by the beach with plenty of shade trees, it was hard to beat. Before leaving Birmingham, we paid a visit
Never too old to play with cars, my friend.

They pulled up to the pump one by one at a travel center in Tuscaloosa, AL and their enthusiasm was infectious. You could tell they liked each other. Smiles all around, a sense of camaraderie, and matching t-shirts and window decals indicated that they were part of “Team Davies.” The