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August 2015


In the sea of cars at a show like Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, KY, there are certain ones that stand out. We ran into the Tucci Hot Rod team from Marcy, NY in the parking lot of our hotel and had to pause to look at their custom creation.
David & Angie at Street Rod Nationals 2015 in Louisville, KY

Angie and David Hurt began their story with a blind date over fifteen years ago. Angie declared to a friend that she would like to date a racecar driver, and her friend set her up on a blind date with David. They fell in love, got married, and the rest

Some of the great things about small-town living are the sense of community and the simple, wholesome events that take place. July was a good month for such things, with both the new and the old – a first annual 4th of July celebration as well as a neighborhood car show
Gulfport, MS

As seen and told by Sindy, the girl on the bus –  Traveling two-thousand miles in a 1933 school bus will change you. As on any traveling journey, being on the road requires simplification; minimal baggage. You drive or ride. You eat. You sleep. You wake up and do it