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Hometown Hot Rods

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Some of the great things about small-town living are the sense of community and the simple, wholesome events that take place. July was a good month for such things, with both the new and the old – a first annual 4th of July celebration as well as a neighborhood car show that has been going on for decades.

First, the 4th of July celebration at the county fairgrounds…it rained pretty heavily but we still had a great turnout. In addition to the car cruise-in, there were antiques and rustic novelties for sale; a little something for everyone.

IMG_1188 IMG_1182 IMG_1199 IMG_1171

Cool cars braving the bad weather:

IMG_1284 IMG_1274 IMG_1258 IMG_1255 IMG_1250 IMG_1230 IMG_1220

And of course, what hometown 4th of July celebration is complete without senators and local kids singing patriotic songs?

Senator Paul Bailey



The week after, Earl and Carol had their annual Fun Run right in their yard. Their car club and other friends all pitch in to grill free hot dogs (800 of them!) and bring lots of dessert for everyone attending.

Earl & Carol

IMG_1360 IMG_1363

Lots of people came and ate just about all of the hot dogs, including old friends and the sheriff:

Sheriff Eddie Farris & Co

IMG_1417 IMG_1527

Here are some unique hometown rides we enjoyed:


Cookeville Corvettes!

IMG_1516 IMG_1505 IMG_1498 IMG_1470

Particularly interesting was this visual conundrum, 1984 Chevy S-10 and GMC S-15 front ends welded together to make…the Bac2Bac:

IMG_1426 IMG_1427 IMG_1429 IMG_1440 IMG_1443

We had to get a shot of Earl’s garage, ‘cuz it’s a good garage:


Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into The Bus’ hometown. Y’all come on and stay awhile if you get the chance.


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