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This was our favorite day. By Day 3 we were in the groove and ready to hit the road in the morning. From unexpected thrift stores to a beautiful venue by the beach with plenty of shade trees, it was hard to beat. Before leaving Birmingham, we paid a visit
Never too old to play with cars, my friend.

They pulled up to the pump one by one at a travel center in Tuscaloosa, AL and their enthusiasm was infectious. You could tell they liked each other. Smiles all around, a sense of camaraderie, and matching t-shirts and window decals indicated that they were part of “Team Davies.” The

After some much-enjoyed sleep, we started out on the trek from Memphis to Birmingham. First things first, a stop at a Waffle House in northern Alabama for coffee, bacon, eggs, grits, and of course…waffles –    We loved the staff here! Not to mention this fellow diner, who looks pretty

Hey everyone! It’s taken us a minute to get collected but we’re excited to share our experience on Power Tour this year. In addition to summaries, we’ll have features of folks we really connected with during the trip. It was an early start on Day 1 to catch up with

We’ve been out and about in Middle Tennessee and seen so many cool rides and met so many amazing people. Street rods, rat rods, hot rods and other customs and survivors – we love them all. What we want to do most is hear the story behind your ride…and the passion

We’re beyond excited to be going on our third Power Tour this year – an event put on by Hot Rod Magazine spanning 7 cities, 7 days, and thousands of cars. Here’s our itinerary: June 09 – Cookeville, TN to Memphis, TN June 10 – Memphis, TN to Birmingham, AL

It started with a five year old transfixed by his neighbor’s ragged green ’57 Chevrolet. His neighbor had received it as a gift from his grandfather and decided to restore it. With time and work the rusty green machine was transformed into a fire engine red racer – a classic